Communities to join:

  • #CommBuild on Twitter – Each Tuesday at 1-2pm EST, someone from the #CommBuild community facilitates a conversation on Twitter using the hashtag “#CommBuild”.  The community and event was started by Claire Sale and is promoted via NTEN as a community of practice group.  You can find their upcoming topics on the NTEN group page.  They have also put together a facilitator sign-up sheet (a nice examples of engaging community leaders) and they have created a handbook for facilitators (something all community builders should do).  This community is specific to nonprofits/social good efforts.

  • #Cmgrchat on Twitter – Wednesdays at 2-3pm EST. More info on the Community Manager website.  This community is NOT specific to nonprofits/social good efforts.  I haven’t really followed these chats.

  • Community Manager group on Facebook – I haven’t really participated in this.

  • e-campaigning forum is an interesting listserv if you’re interested in the innovative use of social media for social good campaigns (based in UK)

  • e-mint is another listserv for online community builders/managers but they do not focus on nonprofit/social good efforts


FeverBee is my favorite website right now w/ tips for online community builders.  Here are some of my favorite posts:
Community Mgmt: Planning the WeekCommunity Objective, Strategy, Strategy, Tactics, And ActionsIntroducing The Map – A Proven Process For Developing Successful Online CommunitiesGroundwire’s section on Engagement Strategy – Take a look around this section for thoughts on developing a theory of change, an engagement pyramid framework
TechSoup’s section on Building Your CommunityAmy Sample Ward’s blogBeth Kanter’s blogNancy White’s blog


Upcoming Events:


  • Kristin’s presentation at the Minnesota Council on Nonprofits conference on what it takes to build a community including the timeline and the steps (this presentation needs work)

Cool tactics:

  • TechSoup shares positive feedback with the team/staff by using Storify each week to pull together the social media kudos.  Here’s an example.

Case studies:

Using a member appreciation month to spark community engagement – case study of NTEN

The Unfinished Business of the People’s Climate March – was hired to build a platform for organizing called the “hub” – this is a case study of how it didn’t work so great:

“What happened to the hubs platform makes clear that there is a need for tools and platforms to support and build movements that exist outside of traditional organizations, free from funding whims and windfalls or lack thereof. But it also underscores the fact that these tools will need administrators and facilitators. If there is one thing everyone I spoke to for this story could agree on, it is that you can’t just build it and expect them to come.”

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